by Frank Ocean

This writing is brilliant.

During our trip to Toronto, the team and I played this record a lot and I got a chance to really understand the beauty of the songwriting. The beat is futuristic and funky at the same time and Frank delivers as usual.

Part 1: In the first movement of the song, it appears to be written from a past perspective about Cleopatra. She was notorious for being beautiful and promiscuous. 

Part 2: In the second movement of the record, Frank is singing about a woman of equal beauty and promiscuity. However, his relationship with this woman seems to have gone from admiration of an idol as it was in Cleo’s past to that of a pimp-prostitute relationship. The Pyramid being a staple of the Las Vegas strip.

No word yet if there is indeed a “Cleopatra” in real life that Frank is singing about, but part of being a dope songwriter is the ability to write great lyrics from hypothetical emotions which simply makes it more impressive.

Be on the lookout for Frank Ocean’s album Channel Orange on July 17th!

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